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Nicolas Berggruen

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Nicolas Berggruen



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First Person:
Brooke Goldstein

Brooke Goldstein practices self-defense—in the courts.

Sandy Climan

Jerome Chazen doesn’t like the word retire—
and at this rate, he never will.

Bita Daryabari

A jack-of-all-trades, Calum Colvin creates art to encourage open interpretation.

Woody and Gayle Hunt

One mother’s small decision could change how autism is treated.

Sandy and Joan Weill

Helen Molesworth is changing the world of art
by focusing on what she doesn’t understand.

Teresa C. Younger

Steve Salny’s Boston roots led to an unbelievable art donation to Brandeis.

First Person: Brooke Goldstein

Brooke Goldstein practices self-defense—in the courts.


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Zuckerbergs to invest
$3 billion to cure diseases

The couple said they will invest a total of $3 billion into research for curing the world’s diseases through their philanthropic organization, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

$27 million to Susan G. Komen

As part of a new initiative to reduce breast cancer deaths by 50 percent over 10 years, the Susan G. Komen foundation has announced a $27 million grant from the Fund II Foundation to reduce racial disparities in breast cancer mortality rates.

NGOs award $1.2 billion in humanitarian support

Over $1 billion will be invested over three years in global humanitarian efforts by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and 29 other international humanitarian organizations.

Bloomberg gives $50 million to Museum of Science, Boston

Bloomberg's gift of $50 million to the Museum of Science, Boston is the largest in its 186-year history and seems fitting for the place he says greatly influenced him as a child.


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