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Jorge Pérez

Cover Profile:
Jorge Pérez

Jorge M. Pérez is putting the city he helped build on the museum map.


Five Questions:
Richard Taittinger

The champagne scion breaks into the Big Apple with a gallery for artists not named Koons or Hirst.


Big Gift: Stefan T. Edlis and Gael Neeson

Collectors Stefan T. Edlis and Gael Neeson give the Art Institute of Chicago masterpieces worth more than $400 million.


First Person: Joan Hornig

Drop-dead gorgeous jewelry for a cause.


Magda Sayeg

The mother of yarn bombing, Magda Sayeg.

Andreas Thurner

When he’s not designing the newest BMW,
Andreas Thurner is brushing up on his art.

Alexander Zacke

Alexander Zacke’s online auction revolution.



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eventPiaget Hamptons Cup

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Yuri Milner gives $100 million
for Breakthrough

The Russian billionaire has recently committed $100 million, through the Breakthrough Prize Foundation, to the University of California, Berkeley, to further the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, otherwise known as SETI, over the next 10 years.

Facebook co-founder GivesDirectly

Dustin Moskovitz, and his wife, Cari Tuna, have donated $25 million to GiveDirectly.

Chefs donate recipes
for Syria relief

Celebrity chefs have come together to donate soup recipes for a cookbook entitled Soup for Syria. Put together by author Barbara Abdeni Massaad and Interlink publisher Michel Moushabeck, the book will feature favorite soup recipes from more than 80 well-known chefs, with all U.S. proceeds being donated to the UN refugee agency UNHCR to fund food relief for Syrian refugees.

Douglases donate
$80 million

Kirk Douglas and his wife, Anne announced their plan to donate $80 million to a variety of causes, including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the Motion Picture and Television Fund.


Top 100 Art Collectors


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