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Paul Allen

Cover Profile:
Paul Allen

With a Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy under his belt, the Microsoft co-founder, Super Bowl-winner, and Jimi Hendrix-fiend finds himself with nothing to do but fix the world’s problems.


First Person:
Ibrahim AlHusseini

Knowing what’s important.


Big Gifts: Leonard Lauder

Big Gifts: Elon Musk

Big Gifts: David Koch

Big Gifts: Eric Trump

David Rubenstein

David Rubenstein has turned himself into one of the most important philanthropists in the United States. Now he’s working on everyone else.

Thomas Lewis

Thomas Lewis knows what’s important.

Charles Feeney

Duty Free founder Charles Feeney, the inspiration for The Giving Pledge, is about to empty his accounts. The latest: $177 million to cure dementia.

Herbert Wertheim

Dr. Herbert Wertheim’s given over $100 million to Florida education. And there’s reason.


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$100 million donation to NYU

The New York University School of Engineering received a $100 million gift from musician Chandrika Tandon and her husband Ranjan

$10 million from Star Wars for students

George Lucas has donated $10 million to help support black and Hispanic students at the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts.

$50 million to the College of William & Mary

A $50 million gift has been made to the College of William & Mary, the largest in the school’s history.

Anonymous donors give $50 million to Wellesley College

Wellesley College has received a gift of $50 million to kick-start its most recent fundraising campaign with a goal of $500 million.


Top 100 Art Collectors


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