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Issue #217
Fall 2008


Cover Story

Charles Simonyi:
Everybody Loves Charles

By Matthew Simmons

He helped create Microsoft Word and Excel, flew to the stars, and gave $25 million to the academic home of Albert Einstein. Is there anything Charles Simonyi can't do?.


Klara and Lisa Silverstein: It Runs in the Family

By Donna Pulese-Murphy

They may be the wife and daughter of Manhattan real estate developer Larry Silverstein, but this duo would rather strengthen communities than build skyscrapers.

Eric Maskin: Perfectly Designed

By Robert K. Epstein

The husband and father went to bed as an economic professor - and he woke up with a Nobel Prize.

Seth Lipsky: Ink-Stained, and Loving It

By Dave Gordon

The Sun's veteran editor remains a relevant voice within the New York media.

Rachel Andres: The Power of One

By Jenny Hazan

How a 46-year-old mother of two changed a continent - and her own life.

Stephen Lewis: The Voice of a Continent

By Elisa Birnbaum

He's seen AIDS in Nigeria, political upheaval in Ghana, and genocide in Rwanda.

Harvey & Phyllis Sandler: Time of their Lives

By Soriya Daniels

When Harvey Sandler was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 50, he and his wife, Phyllis, promised to devote themselves to charity if he survived. Over a decade later, the Sandlers are still fulfilling that promise, one hospital wing at a time.

Kevin Pollack: A Lasting Impression

By Dave Gordon

From a Bay Area kid lip-syncing Cosby to a Hollywood player, the comedian seems to be everywhere these days.

Shelley Fagel: Out of the ORTinary

By Pauline Dubkin Yearwood

One Chicago-area woman believes in putting power into the hands of students.

Joelle Berdugo Adler: One by One

By Berdugo Adler

The Montrealer turned her personal pain into the philanthropic highlight of the Toronto International Film Festival.

Elizabeth Saltzman: Fashion Conscious

By Elana Castle

A journalist, trendsetter, and style icon, Elizabeth Saltzman Walker has a high profile career, spanning almost 25 years in some of the industry's top positions.


  • Architect Libesking creates ode "to life"
  • Bay area teens unite
  • Blackstone exec funds foundation with $1 billion grant
  • Beatle headlines concert for peace
  • Congressman recognized as hero
  • $100 million given to Lincoln Center
  • Shapiro Family expands Boston Medical Center
  • World's most expensive lunch
  • Georgia Aquarium makes big splash
  • Spielberg continues storytelling
  • Detroit philnathropist funds through foundation
  • Star-studded crowd raises funds for kids
  • Ofer bails out historical ship


  • Whitney Art Party
  • NY Philharmonic Spring Gala
  • Cartier's LoveDay
  • Facing Tomorrow
  • KiDS of NYU Springfling Gala
  • In Her Footsteps
  • Simon Wiesenthal
  • NYPL
  • A Night in Rio
  • Hillel's Renaissance Award
  • Mt. Sinai's Crystal Ball
  • JWFNY Annual Luncheon
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Weddings

The Index

Global Players

With names like Gates, Buffett, Adelson, and Dell near the top of every list of the world's wealthiest individuals, it might seem as though all the money in the world sits between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. But with new names—Ambani, Abramovich, Kwok, Slim—quickly gaining ground, it is time to finally recognize the astounding economic growth that has taken place in Europe and Asia. And with countries like China, Russia, and India are slowly adopting Western philanthropic principles to improve local health, education, and living conditions.