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Issue #219
New Year 2009


Cover Story

Haim Saban: Power Player

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Media mogul Haim Saban and his wife, Cheryl, can't stop giving their fortune away - and they want you to have the same problem.


Victoria Christian: Sweet Smell of Success

By Wendy Helfenbaum

No longer her father's "tiny shadow," Victoria Christain - daughter of famed British designer Clive Christian - is building on her family's history of impeccable taste to create a venue for the next generation of music prodigies.

Kenneth & Elaine Langone: Making a Statement

By Noreen Rubin

In 1999, Kenneth & Elaine Langone anonymously gave $100 million to New York University. Now, nearly a decade later, they have publicly given the school another $100 million - and they're hoping others follow their lead.

Lynn Schusterman: Facing Forward

By Merle Goldberg

Charged to carry out her late husband's legacy, Lynn Schusterman successfully helped many people - including herself - reconnect with their heritage.

Tom Siebel: Against the Grain

By Wendy Helfenbaum

Software billionaire Tom Siebel isn't afraid to use shock and awe to scare kids away from hard drugs and toward a more meaningful life.

John Wood: No Jacket Required

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Inspired to change the fate of millions of children in developing countries, former Microsoft executive John Wood traded in his suit and tie for a chance to pay it forward.

Ivan Reitman: Enter Laughing

By Dave Gordon

His first film may have landed him with an indecency lawsuit, but comic legend Ivan Reitman's résumé remains immaculate.

Ken and JJ Ramberg: Good Searching

By Victoria Scrozzo

Brother-sister team Ken and JJ Ramberg hope their cause-driven Internet search engines GoodSearch and Goodshop take a bite out of Google - one penny at a time.

Stephen J. Cloobeck: Building Blocks

By Sharon B. Drechsler

With a new resort company under his corporate umbrella and a long list of charities to guide, Stephen J. Cloobeck, chairman & CEO of Diamon Resorts International, still finds time to play.

Colby Kash: Having a Ball

By Victoria Scrozzo

Colby Kash is just like any other boy his age - he enjoys videogames, regularly wins family tennis matches, and attends junior high. But when it came time for Colby's bar mitzvah earlier this year, the 13-year-old opted to try something out of the ordinary.

Judy Tenney: Book Smart

By Nancy Kleinbaum

New Yorker Judy Tenney is fighting for the rights of disabled people everywhere.


  • Booth's $300 million breaks University of Chicago record
  • Alum makes largest-ever donation to Harvard
  • Speilberg, Midler, and Crystal toast Kirk Douglas
  • Neighboring $100 million buildings at LACMA
  • Nike's $100 million man
  • Tiches give millions to support Ivy League school
  • The price is right to control the pet population
  • Simonyi prepares to blast off for second time
  • Adelsons make historic gift


  • UJA Annual Kickoff
  • NYU Cancer Institute
  • JCUA Jurisprudence Awards
  • New York Philharmonic
  • A Farewell Tribute to Dan Gillerman
  • JCAA
  • Bonnie Hammer Honored by ADL
  • Tree of Life Dinner
  • AFHU Scopus Awards Dinner
  • iORT: Taking Technology to the Next Level
  • All in for Tikva
  • Aprés Opera at Lincoln Center
  • CRI Young Philanthropists
  • Children's Champion Cruise
  • Honoring Hans Stern
  • The Crown Effect

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