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Issue #224
Winter 2009


Cover Story

Damien Hirst: a portrait of the artist as a very good businessman

By Matthew Simmons

The pinnacle of his success, achieved late last year at Sotheby’s, saw Hirst and the auction house net almost $200 million in two days.

After painting, swearing, drinking, and maneuvering his way to fame and fortune, Damien Hirst quietly finds himself alone at the top of the mountain.


Nicolas Berggruen: The curious case of Nicolas Berggruen

By Rachel Sklar

He doesn’t own a home—but he flies around the world on his own Gulfstream and has an art collection that makes most curators drool. Is there anything normal about Nicolas Berggruen?

Leonard Boxer: Art of the Deal

By Bob & Sandy Nesoff

He helped close the deal for the World Trade Center before 9/11, and was instrumental in building a new stadium for the Mets, but Leonard Boxer’s legacy is his reputation.

Romero Britto: Pop Goes the Artist

By Julie Jacobs

Whether he’s meeting heads of state, inspiring children, or sitting down behind his easel, Romero Britto appreciates every second of the surreal life he’s created.

Ydessa Hendeles: The Narrator

By David Blumenfeld

In a rare interview, world-renowned collector and curator Ydessa Hendeles explains why the spotlight she shuns should be pointed at the artists she champions.

David Khalili: Center Stage

By Marc Weisblott

While amassing one of the world’s hottest art collections, buying up London real estate, and lecturing everywhere from Tel Aviv to Abu Dhabi, who has time for sleep? Not David Khalili.

Blake Mycoskie: Shoe-In

By Julie Jacobs

He traveled to Argentina to dance and soak up the culture; instead, former game show contestant Blake Mycoskie found purpose.

Gaylen Ross: Documenting History

By Amanda Wener

When documentary filmmaker Gaylen Ross heard the story of Rezso Kasztner trading money and jewelry for lives during the Holocaust, she knew it was a story she would one day tell—she just didn’t know his murderer would be the star.

Philippe Vergne: Dia-fied

By Alana Samson

Art world wunderkind Philippe Vergne is all grown up and ready to reimagine the Dia Art Foundation for a new generation of New Yorkers.

Herb and Dorothy Vogel: Herb & Dorothy Buy Art

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Living from paycheck to paycheck, Herb and Dorothy Vogel amassed an art collection good enough for the National Gallery.


  • Cirque founder’s historic blast off
  • Water world
  • Hollywood supercouple makes pledge for refugees
  • Gates Foundation battles disease in India
  • Over $100 million to heal Africa
  • Easy riding for children
  • Perelman’s $50 million gift from the heart
  • Berlin Wall visits L.A.
  • Millions for education in Lone Star State
  • Eco-palooza born
  • Weinberg Foundation sets trend with $200 million in grants


  • Appeal of Conscience
  • HollyRod Charity Event
  • Wildlife Conservation Gala
  • On Our Toes in the Hamptons
  • MCF Hamptons Dinner
  • amfAR Cinema Against AIDS
  • Guggenheim Annual Gala

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Top 100 Art Collectors

According to news reports, the economy is bouncing back—and by all accounts, the art market weathered the financial storm admirably. The uncertainty of the time allowed for a business brashness unseen since the days of Warhol—leading the charge was conceptual British artist Damien Hirst, who eschewed the typical dealer route in favor of a first-of-its-kind one-man auction. The result: a record-breaking $198 million two-day takeaway from Sotheby's.

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