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Issue #229
Fall 2010


Cover Story

Ted Turner

He built, grew, and sold a billion-dollar media empire, but all Ted Turner wants to do with the rest of his life is save humanity from itself.


Alexandra Cousteau: WaterWorld

By Menachem Kaiser

The granddaughter of famed explorer Jacques Cousteau is diving in—and crisscrossing the globe—to rescue the planet’s ecosystem.

Richard Sandor: Climate (ex)change

By Elisa Birnbaum

Playing the markets with the father of carbon trading, Richard Sandor.

Susan Cohn Rockefeller: Sea of Love

By Marc Weisblott

Activist and documentarian Susan Cohn Rockefeller is fighting to save the planet, one day at a time.

Jim O’Donnell: True Believer

By Steven Woodhead

BMW North America’s straight-talking leader Jim O’Donnell can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel—and it might be electric.

José Goldemberg: Talkin’ about a revolution

By Menachem Kaiser

With oil reserves due to run out in the next four decades, legendary scientist José Goldemberg may have uncovered a simple fuel alternative—and it might just save the planet.

Majora Carter: A Bronx Tale

By Maxine Tayar

Hometown girl Majora Carter is cleaning up the ghetto—one park at a time.

Dean Kamen: Science Center

By Marc Weisblott

From his perch in rural New Hampshire, Dean Kamen is channeling the Wright Brothers and Thomas Edison to become the world’s most famous living inventor.

Hunter Lovins: Goodwill Hunter

By Julie Jacobs

A green warrior before it was cool, Hunter Lovins wants to change the way we do business—one solar panel at a time.

Nicolas Rachline: All about Nic

By Liliane-Carol Benoit

The grandson of Publicis’ founder, Nicolas Rachline wants to leave his family’s shadow—and his own party boy image—to the annals of history.

Larry Coben: expert testimony

By Nancy Kleinbaum

One-part Indiana Jones, one-part energy guru, Larry Coben’s spent 20 years working for the environment.

Patrick Moore: Tree Hugger

By David Blumenfeld

He co-founded Greenpeace with youthful passion, but Patrick Moore is relying on science and logic to propel his newest venture, Greenspirit.


  • Buffett and Gates announce Giving Pledge
  • Hollywood royalty joins Queen for kids
  • Kyoto Prize awards unsung thinkers
  • Force of nature
  • Grassroots in NoLa
  • Pacific Time
  • Child’s play
  • On the Brink
  • Best Brady
  • Mega-gift across the Pond
  • Oprah retires her Angel
  • Colbert “Bings” for oil spill


  • MoMA Party in the Garden
  • Citizen You Book Launch
  • Wiesenthal Center National Dinner
  • Fulbright Awards Dinner
  • Keep a Child Alive Black Ball
  • Cindy Sherman Honored with Man Ray Award
  • Icons of Industry at Cornell
  • LAANE Luncheon
  • Music Visionary of the Year Award Luncheon
  • Crystal+Lucy Awards
  • Taste of Summer
  • Mount Sinai Crystal Party Raises $3 Million
  • Ganek Honored in New York
  • Art of Craftsmanship Revisited: New York
  • Soirée au Louvre
  • Whitney Art Party
  • Father of the Year Awards
  • NYPL Corporate Dinner
  • Tree of Life Dinner
  • WIZO Annual Luncheon
  • Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

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Giving Green

The second annual Lifestyles Giving Green issue illustrates the billions of dollars in investments toward technologies aimed at making our world a more sustainable, healthier, and cleaner place to live.