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Issue #231
New Year 2011


Cover Story

The Lifestyles 360°

The reasons for giving among the world’s leading philanthropists remain universal: the betterment of humanity.


Philippe Houdard: Soldier Boy

By David Blumenfeld

Philippe Houdard’s challenge of turning teenage mercenaries back into children usually begins with just a few small words.

Wendy Sternberg: At the crossroads

By Pauline Dubkin Yearwood

As a doctor, Wendy Sternberg helped individuals. But as the founder of Genesis at the Crossroads, she’s trying to heal a generation.

Victor Vermeulen: Victor's Victory

By Deena Sherman

Felled by a horrific stunt before he was 20, star athlete Victor Vermeulen turned his tragedy into a meaningful life.

David Servan-Schreiber: Healthy Planet

By Sheila Dropkin

After David Servan-Schreiber was diagnosed with cancer nearly two decades ago, he changed his life—by changing his attitude.

Waldo Waldman: Wing and a prayer

By Carla Lucchetta

Waldo Waldman on his amazing metamorphosis from angst-ridden child to combat pilot to motivational speaker.

Scott Gilmore: Peace sign

By Janis Raisen

With staff scattered everywhere from Haiti to Afghanistan, Peace Dividend Trust cofounder Scott Gilmore’s most important currency is ideas.

John Shuchart: Message therapy

By Nancy A. Ruhling

After 9/11, John Shuchart felt compelled to head back to the classroom for one final project.

Steve Emerson: Terror Warning

By Robert K. Epstein

From within his undisclosed offices in Washington D.C., Steve Emerson is reminding America that
the war is far from over.

Joseph Gitler: Delivery man

By Jenny Hazan

Got some extra food? Joseph Gitler knows what to do with it.

Gila Lapidot: Poetic Justice

By Nancy Kleinbaum

Health care executive Gila Lapidot wants to help children—wherever they are.


  • Tata invests $50 million in Harvard
  • Lauren ponies up
  • Marathon of hope
  • Kravis’s $100 million to Columbia
  • Newman’s Own dressing up
  • Home on the Range
  • Brooks back—but just nine times
  • Hire power
  • Off the rack for charity
  • Penn, Pres help Haiti
  • Homeless billionaire—and friends—to reform California
  • Prince Harry soldiers on
  • Branson charity dollars go on holdiay


  • Expedition Blue Planet
  • Elton John’s Enduring Vision raises over $2 million
  • NYU Langone Cancer Institute Gala
  • Louis Vuitton and Edun Raise Africa
  • Hermitage Dinner
  • Plumes de CHANEL
  • Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Gala
  • Greenberg raises $43.5 million in NYC
  • Save the Children Rome Gala
  • VH1 Save the Music Foundation 2010 Gala
  • New York Philharmonic Opening Night Gala
  • New York City Opera Fall Gala
  • Partners of Democracy Awards Dinner
  • Library Lions Gala
  • Alzheimer’s Association Rita Hayworth Gala raises $1.5 milion
  • Avon 10th Annual Gala
  • Benefit for Hospital
  • The Los Angeles Philharmonic Celebración
  • Scopus Award Dinner
  • The Hope Diamond Donated to the Smithsonian Institution
  • Carousel of Hope Gala

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The Lifestyles 360°

A year that brings in $16.8 billion in gifts and pledges isn’t just good—it’s unheard of. Over the past year, a few key areas have benefited from the largesse of these philanthropists, with education coming out as the clear winner.