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Issue #236
Winter 2011


Cover Story

Diana Widmaier Picasso

By Nancy A. Ruhling

There’s something interesting— and familiar—about Diana Widmaier Picasso’s face.


RoseLee Goldberg: Live from New York

By Janis Raisen

RoseLee Goldberg is ready for the performance of her life.

Emilia and Ilya Kabakov: Moscow on the Hudson

By Ian J. Stark

Examining the perfect partnership between Emilia and Ilya Kabakov.

Alfonso Miranda: The house that Slim built

By N.C. Maisek

Alfonso Miranda is in charge of a $700 million art collection and possibly the most important building in the history of Mexico. So why isn’t he worried?

Andrew Novick: Gimme gimme more

By Marc Weisblott

Is it nostalgia, compulsion, or a little bit of laziness that has allowed Andrew Novick`s collection of odds (that never end) to take over his life?

John Pappajohn: The gospel of John

By Marc Weisblott

Iowa may be a million miles from the center of the art world, but for John Pappajohn, it feels like home.

Emmanuel Perrotin: The bad boy grows up

By Liliane Carol Benoit

He discovered Hirst and found Murakami. The life and times of Emmanuel Perrotin.

Marc Porter: Going once…going twice…

By Victoria Scrozzo

From Liz Taylor’s Haute Couture collection, to the Annenberg Diamond, Christie’s boss, Marc Porter, is banging the gavel at some of the world’s biggest auctions.

Susur Lee: Don’t call it a comeback

By Victoria Scrozzo

From his 18 ingredient Singaporean Slaw, to the outposts in Asia, Toronto, and Washington, the iron chef is back— and better than ever.

Jeff Wall: the camera never blinks

By Darren Gluckman

Looking for meaning—or none at all—in Jeff Wall’s photographs.

Glen Whitney: Glen Whitney+$22 million=the Museum of Mathematics

By Darren Gluckman

Some men dream in Technicolor; this former hedge funder dreams in numbers.

Elaine Wynn: What happens in Las Vegas

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Her name may be synonymous with the Strip, but Elaine Wynn’s legacy is about to be built.


  • Blood work
  • Buffett’s home sweet home
  • Kid scores a talk with Crosby
  • Sweet charity
  • Young girl’s final wish
  • Drake wins!—then gives it away
  • Shop til you drop
  • Simonyi and Simons combine on $100 million gift
  • Musk betting on Tesla
  • “China’s Oprah” visits America
  • Charity scores thanks to famous footballer
  • Queen for a day
  • Waltons+$49.5 million=Teach for America
  • Prebys gives $45 million from the heart
  • Olsens in-step with TOMS


  • BMW Honors O’Donnell and Willisch
  • Wade’s World
  • Aspen Art Museum ArtCrush
  • Super Saturday 14
  • Thunder Music Festival
  • 2nd Annual All-Star Affair
  • Belvedere Launch Party
  • 12th Annual Art for Life Benefit
  • Do Something Awards

The Index

Top 100 Art Collectors

Their presence proves that, like the art they buy, variety—at least when it comes to art and the people who buy it—continues to be the spice of life.

Can you say “prodigy”?

Finger painting may be a kid’s game, but for these young artists, the prices they’re getting for masterworks are anything but child’s play.

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