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Issue #238
Pre-Spring 2012


Cover Story

Tony Blair

By Menachem Kaiser

Tony Blair had to leave the prime minister’s office to change the world.


Adam Garone: Mo’ money

By Darren Gluckman

Aussie Adam Garone took a month without personality and gave it some lip.

Peter Diamandis: Eyes on the PRIZE

By Nancy A. Ruhling

X PRIZE founder Peter Diamandis wants to change the world—and he’s willing to put his money
where his mouth is.

Fred Kavli: Up, up, and away

By Nancy A. Ruhling

As a young man in Scandinavia, Fred Kavli gazed at the sky and pondered his existence. Several decades later, he may be asking the same questions, but now he can afford to find some of the answers.

Anika Rahman: Girl Guide

By Amy Soberano

Anika Rahman’s and the Ms. Foundation’s eternal fight.

Ted Garrard: Kid at heart

By Steven Woodhead

Ted Garrard keeps the engine at the centre of a world-leading children’s hospital humming along.

Almas Jiwani: Mission: Impossible.

By Alexandra Lucchesi

Not according to UN Women CEO Almas Jiwani.

Lauren Moore: Dock of the (e)bay

By Romy Oltuski

First Lauren Moore changed the corporate DNA at Starbucks. Now she’s working on doing the same at the world’s largest online auction house.

Devin Holmes: Soldier of fortune

By Marc Weisblott

Through the Internet, Devin Holmes is making it easier for vets to come home.


  • $88 million castle in the sky
  • Change of pace
  • Van Halen rocks right now
  • Royal couple gallop into premiere
  • Simons gives State U. $150 million
  • Kovner plays to the tune of $20 million
  • Cena goes top rope for kids
  • White Sox hit community home run
  • Simonyi lands at Seattle Space Museum
  • Veil lifted on anonymous $350 million donor
  • Bezos gives $15 million to Princeton
  • Climbing the mountain
  • Rubenstein repairs Monument
  • Cooking for charity
  • Duke scores $50 million from alum
  • No freebies from Adele


  • Christie’s Hosts Exclusive Events
  • Warhol Museum Soirée
  • Gotham Independent Film Awards
  • 9th Annual Sahara Soirée
  • FIDF Western Region Gala
  • Rolex Mentor and Protégé
  • Conference of Presidents Celebrates Leaders
  • Midwinter night’s Dream
  • Food Allergy Ball
  • Hilarity for Charity
  • American Friends of Sheba Gala
  • charity:ball
  • Frenkel Honored by YIVO
  • Season of Culture Hosts Fundraiser
  • Honoring the Promise

The Index

Foundation 40

As private institutions and citizens look for support, 2012 will see them increasingly turning to foundations. The bedrock of the charitable world, family and private foundations, with interests in everything from medical research to art exhibitions, make connections for those in need and create alliances with others looking to do good in the world.