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Issue #245
Spring 2013


Cover Story

Salmon Khan

By Darren Gluckman

The Google guys love him. Bill Gates watches his videos. So why is Salman Khan still searching for the holy grail?


Sean Carasso: Continental Drift

By Kimberly Greene

A little wine, a “stupid” blog post, and some screaming led Sean Carasso to blow the whistle.

Fraser Doherty: Jam Session

By Julie Jacobs

Fraser Doherty turned his Gran’s recipe for preserves into the sweetest mini-empire.

Scott Harrison: the young person’s guide to building the perfect charity.

By Menachem Kaiser

Instruction manual by Scott Harrison. Some assembly required.

Chris Helfrich: Super Chris

By Darren Gluckman

From his perch in San Francisco, Chris Helfrich is trying to spread a net across a continent.

Craig Kielburger: All Grown Up

By Alanna Mager

When the world first met Craig Kielburger as a squeaky pre-teen, he was all hope and passion. Almost 20 years later, the only thing that has changed is his voice.

Sarah Prevette: All Business

By Scaachi Koul

Better get used to she-rial entrepreneur Sarah Prevette—‘cause she’s not going anywhere.

Whitney Skibell: FEEDing Frenzy

By Beverley Bloom

Whitney Skibell was looking for a way her family’s company, Dean & DeLuca, could get into the business of philanthropy. Enter Lauren Bush Lauren.


  • Nike gives First Lady $50 million for kids
  • Duke “connects” with $50 million donation
  • Mann-made $70 million donation
  • Bloomberg gives Gates $100 million
  • Rubenstein patriotically donates $10 million
  • Packer uses his head for kids
  • Pitcher wins humanitarian award
  • Answered prayers: Harvard’s Divinity School gets $10 million boost
  • Hospital gets $27 million in Orange County
  • Freud gives works to British museums
  • Director gets school named for him at USC
  • Sharp recognized for life’s work
  • Prince follows in mother’s footsteps
  • African billionaire rewards soccer team
  • Bucknell sees $10 million in the darkness
  • Poster donation shows film history
  • Florida man, 81, gives $2 million to local Y
  • And scene!


  • Davos Welcomes Lifestyles
  • Celebrity Charades Annual Benefit Gala
  • Passion + Transmission
  • Voulez-Vous Gala
  • Youth for Understanding
  • Audubon Gala
  • Help Haiti Home Gala

The Index

Philanthropy Next

The next generation of leaders aren’t necessarily what you’d call “up-and-coming,” Mainly because most of them are well on their way.

The Big Gift: Wade Murphy

Thirty-five-year-old Wade Murphy gives a million bucks to the school that made him.

Q&A: Benoit-Louis Vuitton

Benoit-Louis Vuitton—yes, from that family—is interested in what makes us tick.

First Person: Darell Hammond

Play is a four letter word that may be going out of style.