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Issue #251
Spring 2014


Cover Profile

Malala Yousafzai

By Victoria DiPlacido

She fought when she could only lose. She won when they almost killed her. Malala Yousafzai may only be 16, but her message is timeless.


Adam Lowy: Moving Man

By Julie Jacobs

What should you do with all the food in your fridge when you change addresses? Give it to Adam Lowy.

Chase Adam: What’s Watsi?

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Chase Adam took a simple idea (crowdfunding), fused it with a huge problem (health care), and came out with an insane amount of charity dollars (yours).

Alexandra Cart: Alexandra the Great

By Marcus Nederlander

For Alexandra Cart, Values + Investment = Impact.

Michael Fertik: The Privacy Protector

By Kimberly Greene

Michael Fertik wants you to enjoy the Internet without having to worry about compromising your privacy.

Matthew Reeve: Son of a Superman

By Darren Gluckman

Matthew Reeve lost his father in one horrific moment. Then he got him back.

Bryan Baum, Andrej Pancik, and Leo Seigal: Eye on the Prize

By Alanna Mager

The Oxford-educated, Bill Gates–loving, California-living trio behind online success story Prizeo.


  • A-list business crowd honors Arnault at MoMA
  • Fallon takes plunge
  • Rogen gets serious before Senate
  • Harvard receives record-breaking $150 million donation
  • partners with Getty Images
  • Affleck and Damon make fun of each other (for charity)
  • Bloomberg Philanthropies fishes $53 million grant
  • Princes contribute to flood effort
  • Pharrell auctions infamous hat for charity
  • $1.2 billion to African foundation
  • Kickstarter hits $1 billion
  • NYU Langone fights cancer with $50 million donation
  • $100 million worth of paintings donated to Denver Museum
  • Iconic selfie brings donation
  • $50 million to USC
  • In the jeans
  • Intel co-founder gives $50 million
  • Milken and Redstone team up to give $80 million


  • World Economic Forum
  • Hollywood Stands Up to Cancer
  • Generosity Signature Event
  • amfAR Gala
  • Museum’s 2014 L.A. Dinner
  • UNICEF Snowflake Ball
  • Help Haiti Home

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Millennials are leveraging their knowledge of social media to impact positive change.

Big Gift: Glenn and Amanda Fuhrman

Bringing Wi-Fi to Harlem.

Five Questions: Hannah Bronfman

She wants to make you instantly glamorous.

First Person:Masha Pearl

Making sure survivors flourish.