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Issue #265
Fall 2016


Cover Q&A

Jennifer Buffett

As told to Leah Morrison



Q&A with Jennifer Buffett

As told to Leah Morrison

Elaine Wynn: A Wynn-Win Situation

By Sarah Manning

It was more than luck at the tables that earned Elaine Wynn Las Vegas success, and now she’s paying it back in droves.

Amy Danforth: High Fidelity

By Stevie Zvereva

Amy Danforth runs the nation’s largest donor-advised fund program by taking the long view.

Trista Harris: Setting the Stage

By Sarah Manning

The “philanthropy priest,” Trista Harris, is helping foundations give away more than $1 billion a year after growing up behind the scenes of a community theater.

Deb Elam: She Brings Good Things to Life

By Nancy A. Rhuling

Deb Elam has the billion-dollar answer.

Zita Cobb: Returning to Her Roots

By Valerie Howes

How Zita Cobb created an inn that embodies the warmth of her childhood home.

Dale Nirvani Pfeifer: GoodWorld for a Good World

By Dara Pettinelli

Dale Nirvani Pfeifer turned her love of social media into a platform for philanthropy.


  • Buffett donates $2.9 billion in stock
  • Gates Foundation awards $4.3 million in GCE grants
  • Survivors give $400 million to Ben-Gurion University
  • $6 million to children of veterans
  • $14.5 million to Science Museum, London
  • Lawrence O’Donnell’s viewers donate $10 million to African village
  • $15 million gift to IU Art Museum
  • Cal Poly receives $20 million for research center
  • Red Nose Day raises over $31.5 million
  • Lifestyles Magazine helps cover subject Leonardo DiCaprio raise $45 million for the Environment
  • $197 million to Global Fellows program
  • $200 million to the University of Southern California
  • $11 million in grants to nonprofits from NYC trust
  • $35 million to University of Sydney for healthcare
  • $6 million to improve racial and health equity
  • $10 million to the University of La Verne
  • Washington University receives $8 million


  • MOCA LA Gala
  • The Power of Love Gala
  • The JCRC 40th Anniversary Gala
  • Midsummer Ball
  • Geffen Playhouse Gala
  • MoMA’s Party in the Garden
  • Music Visionary of the Year Award Luncheon

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Women in Philanthropy

Women in Philanthropy: Big Gifts

First Person: Tulane University

Two different donors, two separate donations, all for one purpose—success.

Five Questions: Felena Hanson

How a company owner learned to navigate the business world and provide female entrepreneurs with Zen-like work environments.