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Issue #268
Pre-Spring 2017



Michael Milken




Michael Milken: A Lifetime of Innovation

How legendary financier and philanthropist Michael Milken has been creating value for half a century.

Deborah Brooks: Walking the Nonprofit Path

By Leah Morrison

From a start-up partnership to a thriving foundation, Deborah Brooks has made life better for thousands of people with Parkinson’s disease.

Mark Hyman: Taking Health Into Your Own Hands

By Mariah Pardy

Dr. Mark Hyman is making it his mission to empower the public to rethink the human body.

Kathy Giusti: Patient Power

By Leah Morrison

After being diagnosed with cancer, Kathy Giusti created a foundation to help others with the same disease.

Thomas Frieden: At the Helm of The CDC

By Sarah Manning

Dr. Thomas Frieden sees miles down the road from his perch at the CDC.

Jane Foley: An Educator at the Top

By Mackenzie Galloway

Dr. Jane Foley realizes her purpose in the world of education thanks to the Milken Educator Awards.

Q&A: Freda Lewis-Hall

Constantly advocating for her patients, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall has spent her career bringing focus to mental illness.

Peter Scardino: Dr. Positive

By Luke Coulter

Always looking on the bright side, Dr. Peter Scardino believes that a cure for prostate cancer will be found.

Francis Collins: The Gene Hunter

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Armed with his microscope, Dr. Francis Collins is using DNA research to eradicate disease and illness.

Andrew von Eschenbach: Quest for the Cure

By Mariah Pardy

He may have hung up his white coat, but Andrew von Eschenbach is still fighting to cure prostate cancer.

Joelle Simpson: The Importance of Being Supportive

By Rena Godfrey

Dr. Joelle Simpson learned the value of a support system through her journey as a Milken Scholar.

James P. Allison: Checking in

By Nancy A. Ruhling

James P. Allison and the immunotherapy breakthrough

Lynn R. Goldman: An Industry Trailblazer

By Rena Godfrey

Leading the national conversation on public health, Lynn R. Goldman keeps the fire burning.


  • $500 million to UC San Francisco
  • $53 million to Colorado State University
  • $29 million to fight malaria
  • $15 million to Virginia Tech
  • $10 million for NYC college funds
  • University of Georgia gifted with $30 million
  • $20 million to the Henry Ford Health System
  • Philadelphia receives $100 million
  • $100 million in matching donations for UW-Madison scholarships
  • Lauders donate $5 million to art museum
  • Sheryl Sandberg donates $100 million in stock
  • Zuckers donate $6 million to Trident Tech
  • University of Auckland receives $5 million
  • $10 million to the University of Chicago
  • Salk Institute given $25 million
  • Hollins University given $20 million
  • Johns Hopkins receives $10 million for Lyme disease research
  • $15 million to Pérez Art Museum Miami
  • Brown University receives $27 million donation
  • Wildlife conservation effort receives $15 million
  • Rochester Regional Health gifted with $20 million


  • Art Basel Miami
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation Dinner
  • UJA 2017 Annual Campaign
  • Harlem School of the Arts Gala
  • Autism Speaks Celebrity Chef Gala
  • AFMDA New York Gala
  • Carousel of Hope

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Five Questions: Metuka Benjamin

Remembering how one man impressed her with his dedication to helping others learn.

First Person: Richard Ditizio

Making sense of families and money is what Richard Ditizio does best.