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Issue #274
Pre-Spring 2018



Pamela Norley

Using her own experience to revolutionize grantmaking.



Pamela Norley: The Grant Maker

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Using her own experience to revolutionize grantmaking.

Darren Walker: Walking the Line

By Sarah Manning

How Darren Walker came to be at the helm of one of the world’s most powerful philanthropic engines.

Anita Gerhardter: Wings to Help

By Mariah Pardy

With the help of a billion-dollar company, Anita Gerhardter is working to find a cure for spinal cord injuries through research and awareness.

Julian Robertson: Just Do It

By N.C. Maisak

Words to live by from Wall Street and philanthropic giant Julian Robertson.

Mei Hing Chak: Words of Wisdom

By Jackie Lee

Mei Hing Chak doesn’t give to people. She gives to the world.

Belinda Tanoto: From the Ground Up

By Leah Morrison

As a trustee for her family foundation, Belinda Tanoto knows the importance of instilling values in an organization.


  • Hewlett Foundation donates $600 million
  • Columbia University’s medical school given $250 million
  • Star athlete donates $3 million to basketball program
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art gets $80 million
  • $380 million to fight disease in Kenya
  • Haitian health care initiatives granted $98.5 million
  • $51 million to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • Dolby donates $114 million to the University of Cambridge
  • Rutgers University given $34 million art collection
  • UC San Diego receives $30 million
  • $20 million to Cornell University
  • Gilead Sciences commits $100 million to fight HIV/AIDS
  • Gavi Alliance approves $85 million for vaccines
  • $25 million to World Wildlife Fund
  • $30 million for children’s zoo
  • University of Texas at Austin receives $25 million donation
  • Microsoft pledges $50 million
  • Gates Foundation gives $15 million for vaccination supplies


  • Ripple of Hope Awards
  • EMT Gala
  • AICF Gala
  • Trophée des Arts Gala
  • FIDF Western Regional Gala
  • Beat the Odds Awards
  • amfAR Gala Los Angeles

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