Gabriel Erem

Founder, Lifestyles Magazine International
Founder, Meaningful Influence

Gabriel Erem is the founder of Lifestyles Magazines International and Meaningful Influence—the world’s preeminent media and communication platform dedicated to high philanthropy. The accomplished organization was created 44 years ago and its board members are the “Who’s Who” of leading philanthropy, academia, and global opinion leaders.

Lifestyles Magazine/Meaningful Influence’s extensive network includes young wealth-holders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists from around the world—all connected by Gabriel Erem’s media, communications and research platform—dedicated to transforming the narrative of major wealth away from materialism to social responsibility, entrepreneurship, preservation of our planet and innovation.

Gabriel Erem is personal advisor to a global list of leading individuals—holders of major wealth—as well as institutions and organizations and a very significant number of individual members of the “Giving Pledge”-an unprecedented U.S.-led global philanthropic effort.

He has been an invitee to the World Economic Forum in Davos as well as to a number of similar gatherings in the United States, the United Nations and elsewhere. He currently serves as a senior adviser on major global matters like WTO issues as well as leadership positions in major corporations.

Gabriel is a partner in K2 Intelligence—a global investigative and integrity consulting firm founded in 2009 by Jeremy M. Kroll and Jules B. Kroll, the originator of the modern corporate investigations industry.

Gabriel serves on the Advisory Council of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Planet Pledge Fund (PPF).

Gabriel Erem has been recognized by a number of leading organizations as well as honored on a number of occasions by the Congress of the United States and the United States Department of Justice/DEA. He also serves as Director of the US Federal Drug Agents’ Foundation. He has been honored by a number of civic and community organizations. The City of New York in recognition for his civic activities honored him with a Mayoral Proclamation declaring a “Gabriel Erem Day.”

A recent New York Times bestseller penned by 20th United States Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen pays tribute to Gabriel Erem with the following words: “I have borrowed liberally from the thoughts and insights of Gabriel Erem, one of the most extraordinary men I know whose knowledge of strategic issues is unparalleled.”

Gabriel is an avid and accomplished nature photographer. Gabriel Erem is married to his wife Susan for 44 years. They have two children and two grandchildren.