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Issue #276
Summer 2018



David Agus

According to iconic oncologist David Agus, we’re already living in it.



David Agus: Brave New World

By Kimberly Greene

According to iconic oncologist David Agus, we’re already living in it.

Eitan Amir: On Call

By Mariah Pardy

The best part of Dr. Eitan Amir’s job is helping cancer patients return to good health.

Michael Burns: All Fun and Games

By Mackenzie Galloway

Michael Burns is using his experience to lead funding initiatives for one of the world’s top cancer research centers.

Earle Mack: Back in the Saddle

By Luke Coulter

Earle Mack uses his love of horses to help veterans deal with PTSD.

Victoria Mann Simms: Cuddles and Innovation

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Victoria Mann Simms uses stuffed animals and her foundation to bring healthy habits to families.

Rob and Cheryl McEwen: The theory of Giving

By Leah Morrison

After almost 33 years of marriage, Cheryl and Rob McEwen have built a strong relationship not only as partners, but as philanthropists, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Dean Ornish: Healthy Living

By Courtney Greenberg

For Dr. Dean Ornish, perspective is everything.

Mehmet Oz: The land of Oz

By Sam Robinson

Dr. Mehmet Oz is dedicated to keeping Americans healthy at every stage of their lives.


  • Zuckerberg and Chan’s philanthropy forum
  • Helen Diller Foundation donates $50 million for quantum center
  • Tech company creates $50 million endowment for STEM education
  • Beyoncé donates $100,000 to colleges
  • Open Philanthropy Project awards $11 million for vaccine
  • Wells Fargo announces $200 billion commitment to sustainable businesses
  • NeighborWorks America awards $65 million in grants
  • $18 million for Ohio State heart center
  • Ripple donates $429 million for classroom needs
  • Brown University gifted with $100 million
  • Drug companies contribute to $4 billion global malaria fund
  • University of Queensland receives $40 million pledge
  • $70 million for the Art Institute of Chicago
  • Michael Bloomberg donates $4.5 million to UN climate body


  • Met Gala
  • Biden Courage Awards
  • Race to Erase MS Gala
  • UCLA IoES Gala
  • Power of Love Gala
  • Crystal Party
  • Birthright Israel Foundation Gala

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The Health List

These champions won’t stop until they win.

Spotlight on Doctors: Elisa Port, Frederick Friedman, Jr., and Susan Drossman

Presenting three of Mount Sinai Hospital’s finest.

First Person: Kieran Murphy

Compassion is key for career doctor, businessman, and researcher Kieran Murphy.